Many artists are influenced by art masters such as Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Picasso, Monet, and that includes the Ukrainian artist Eugene Poliarush.

"Salvador Dali is my inspiration", Poliarush says. "Dali thought me how to see the universe, feel it, and understand its magic".

For Poliarush, surrealism is the key to understand life.

"It's impossible to understand life without thinking outside of the box. Einstein was a great scientist because he didn't conform and accepted different theories. He developed his own theories through his imagination, and this is the key to see the beauty of this universe."

In the painting "Dali Vision", Poliarush starts his painting with an ocean illustrating the endless opportunities for imagination. But, his true message is "you just have to open your eyes and believe to unfold creativity."

"Dali Vision" (2017), Eugene Poliarush

Rather than the status quo, Poliarush sees a surrealist universe. "Everyday we learn about something new in this world, sometimes it just sounds imaginary." In the painting Dali Vision, Poliarush uses different motives of the modern world, time, history, and surreal characters. The artist tries to bring two world of realism and surrealism together in one piece of art with the eye the sees everything, Dali famous sculptures of rhinoceros and Minotaur (representing the Irrational force to breaks laws), boat of butterflies, airplane, and Dali famous painting of melting clocks.

Many art lovers have tried to understand the meaning of Eugene Poliarush complex creations. Please share with us your opinion in the comment section below.

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